‘Grandma, I’m going to die;’ Girl calls grandmother, 911, after parents shoot up heroin in car

A 9-year-old little girl riding in the back seat of a car called police on Tuesday after a Batavia, Ohio, woman was allegedly shooting up heroin in the front seat.

Click 2 Houston reports that the parents of the girl, Paula Smith and Charles Dove, were in the front seat while the child sat in the back seat, when they allegedly started using heroin. Dove passed out in the driver’s seat, and when Smith started going in and out of consciousness. The little girl, frightened, first called her grandmother, Ann Dove, who said her granddaughter was near hysterics when she talked to her.

“She was very frantic, scared, crying, screaming, ‘Grandma, I’m going to die.'”

Smith somehow managed to pull the car over into an auto service parking lot. That’s when the fast-thinking little girl dialed 911. She told the dispatcher she was scared, but the dispatcher tried to calm the little girl down while her location was traced.

Authorities tracked the car’s exact whereabouts by using information from the girl’s cellphone. First responders were on the scene shortly, and revived both parents with Narcan.

Security cameras captured authorities getting the child out of the vehicle and leading her to safety.

Paula Smith was arrested and charged with “endangering a child, possession of an open flask, and operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.” Charles Dove was charged with “three counts of theft and one count of possession of illegal drug paraphernalia.” It wasn’t immediately clear what Dove’s theft charges stemmed from.

The little girl was reunited with her grandmother and wasn’t physically injured during the incident.

[Feature Photo: Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office]