Pot-smoking tot: Teen arrested for giving marijuana to toddler

A Florida teenager was arrested for letting a toddler smoke pot — and taking photos and videos of the drug use.

According to NBC2, 14-year-old Katelyn Woldridge of Lehigh Acres was charged with child cruelty, along with an additional charge of violating probation for criminal mischief.

Woldridge is accused of giving a toddler, believed to be her nephew, marijuana cigarettes on multiple occasions. Police reportedly discovered the drug use in a search of Woldridge’s phone, during an unrelated investigation of the teen’s possible ties to a robbery subject.

The Lehigh County Sheriff’s office told NBC2 that police found multiple photos and videos of the toddler, reportedly 20 months old, appearing to smoke pot. One video, from January, showed the toddler in Woldride’s lap, inhaling and exhaling a cigarette “without coughing, choking or any other hesitation” as the teen laughs at him. In another video, the teen asks the baby if he is “high” and he says “Yeah.”

Woldridge also posted multiple photos to Snapchat showing the toddler with a rolled cigarette in his mouth.

One photo included the caption, “he hit that bihh” while another was captioned, “pot head babyy [sic].”

NBC2 spoke to Woldridge’s neighbor Cesar Torres about the charges.

“You hear these types of stuff take place way too often,” Torres said. “I don’t know what’s going on nowadays but everybody has to keep their kids close.”