Lunch lady allegedly punches 6-year-old in the face

A public school employee in Quincy, Massachusetts, is out of a job following allegations that she punched an unruly 6-year-old boy in the face in the school cafeteria.

According to WGEM, the little boy’s father says the school contacted him more than an hour after the alleged incident at Adams Elementary School on Friday.

“What processes weren’t followed after that happened?” Ricky Mason said to the news station. “Why they didn’t immediately report it to me? Why [did it take] them an hour and five minutes to call me. What happened in that hour and five minutes?”

According to Mason, the 6-year-old was not seriously hurt.

The boy’s father said he had heard the lunch room worker punched his son after he had been giving her a hard time, and may have elbowed her, scratched her, and/or punched her first. Mason told WGEM that his son has been disciplined for his role in the incident, but says he wants to know what the school district is doing to hold the adult responsible.

Deputy Quincy Police Chief Doug VanderMaiden told the news station that officers went to the school to investigate later in the day on Friday after the boy’s mother called to report the alleged assault.

“When we’re completed with our investigation, it will be turned over to the Adams County State’s Attorney’s office for review.,” VanderMaiden reportedly said.

The Quincy Public School Superintendent Roy Webb refused an interview request from WGEM but confirmed that the alleged lunch room assailant, who has not been named, is no longer employed by the school district.



Photo: Pixabay