Man duct-taped to traffic sign as another man approaches him with knife [VIDEO]

Drivers in a Houston suburb were startled when they spotted a man duct-taped to a yield sign at a well-traveled intersection.

According to KHOU, when police were called to the scene, it initially looked as though things were about to turn very violent — another man was approaching the trapped man with a knife.

“Drop the knife or I’ll Tase you,” one officer reportedly shouted at the man with the weapon.

But, in the end, the scene was not as sinister as it initially appeared: The duct-taped man had simply lost a bet on an NBA match between the Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors. The man with the knife was headed to cut the bet-loser, Miguel Chavez, down from the yield sign.

As seen in the video, emergency vehicles approach the man as he is being cut down.

It is not known if any charges have or will be filed.


Photo: Screenshot