Woman finds strange man hiding in her SUV

A 31-year-old pregnant woman received quite a shock when she spotted an unknown man in her SUV as she drove home from work on Monday evening.

FOX 45 News reports that when she saw the man, she quickly pulled over close to Greenmount Avenue near E 25th Street, and demanded that he get out of her car. Police said that’s when a struggle started. The woman got out of the SUV herself, and the man drove off at around 5:30 p.m.

“We know that there was a struggle over the door handle, that’s the way the detectives described it, possibly the suspect was trying to close the door, the victim was trying to keep it open, and basically beg for the suspect to get out of her vehicle, and that’s when the suspect left the location,” Baltimore Detective Jeremy Silbert said.

Officers later spotted the man driving the SUV and pulled him over. They arrested Cody Werts, 19, and charged him with assault, robbery, and theft. The theft charge, according the Silbert, was added when they discovered that Wertz allegedly tried to use the victim’s ATM card.

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It’s still unclear how long Werts was in the vehicle before the victim arrived or how he managed to get inside in the first place. According to court records, Wertz was arrested just a week prior for burglary, theft and drug possession charges.

The victim was uninjured.

[Feature Photo: Baltimore PD]