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Finding Chase Massner SPECIAL EDITION: Mom confronts man accused of knowing where Chase is

Stephanie Cadena, a mother whose been searching for her son for three years, recently confronted the last person known to have seen him, Brad Clement. It’s the first time she’s met Brad face to face since her only child, Chase Massner, disappeared from Kennesaw, Georgia, in 2014. Brad has been the centerpiece of speculation for years, with numerous people accusing him of changing his story, and of knowing exactly where Chase is and what happened to him.

Brad claimed that Chase, a war veteran and father to two young children, spent the night with him on March 26, 2014. Reportedly, Chase and his wife, Amanda Massner, had been arguing, and he needed a place to go to cool down. Brad said that he really didn’t know Chase all that well, and that he’d only met him a handful of times, but for whatever reason, Chase chose to hang out with him.

According to Brad, Chase was happy that night. By Brad’s account, he never saw Chase as a “bipolar, crazy mean” person. Quite the opposite, he said Chase’s ringtone was the song, “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, a ringtone Chase danced to that night, and that he was, in general, a laid back guy.

While speaking to Stephanie, Brad brought up Chase’s mental state. Chase’s alleged mental conditions or lack thereof are unsubstantiated. Crime Online received no proof or any other witness accounts to indicate that Chase was suffering from any mental illness or emotional problems that made him suicidal.

Yet, Brad said that Amanda herself “painted” Chase as having bipolar disorder, PTSD, and emotional issues that led him to consider suicide. Friends also said that Chase didn’t seem the least bit suicidal and that in the weeks prior to his disappearance, he was his usual self.

“He was a really happy guy,” Brad said. “Like I never saw this, you know, bipolar, crazy, mean…you know, that Amanda would kind of paint to me about it from the couple of times I talked to her.”

Stephanie said that the 20 years that Chase lived under her roof, she never saw those types of issues either. So, by his own mother’s account, Brad’s account, and close friends’ account, Chase was not suicidal and would have never left his two little girls. Given the testimony of friends and family, it seems highly unlikely that Chase hurt himself in any way or fled from loved ones voluntarily without saying a word.

Posted by Jeanette Blay on Saturday, March 25, 2017


Which leads us back to Brad: For years, he evaded Stephanie, or so it seemed.  When finally confronted, Brad claimed innocence, saying that he didn’t know what happened to Chase, and that Chase simply disappeared from his home. He surmised that Amanda picked probably Chase up on March 27, but according to police reports, Amanda said the last time she saw Chase in person was on March 26, when she dropped him off at a QT convenience store in the evening.

Crime Online has invited Amanda to join us and tell her version of events, given that Brad threw out some pretty powerful accusations against her. So far, efforts to reach her have been unsuccessful.

Stephanie is still searching for answers, and although it may have helped a bit to hear from the last person who saw her son, she still doesn’t know where he is. Join us later this week when Crime Online takes calls from listeners, in hopes of getting one step closer to finding Chase Massner.