Parents please beware: Ohio 13-year-old among youngest known heroin overdose passes away

A 13-year-old boy in Ohio has died of a heroin overdose and he is believed to have gotten the drugs from his own father’s stash.

According to the Dayton Daily News, Nathan Lee Wylie was pronounced dead on April 1, four days after his father and a co-worker brought the unconscious boy to a fire station in Dayton.

Dayton Police Officer Joseph Drumm reportedly wrote in the incident report that the co-worker of the boy’s father, Robert Baker Wylie, said the drugs that Nathan got into were his. The man said Wylie was “on drugs and the boy got into his stuff.”

Medics at the fire station reportedly gave Nathan the heroin overdose antidote Narcon, but the patient did not respond. He was then transported to Miami Valley Hospital, where medical staff were able to get a heartbeat back for an unknown period of time.

Nathan passed away at 11: 56 a.m. on April 1.

Wylie has since been charged with drug possession and child endangerment, according to the Dayton Daily News. The 40-year-old had previously been arrested for child endangerment and possession of heroin, crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia in 2016 after the drugs were found in during a traffic stop, when his son was in the car, according to 

Nathan is believed to be among the youngest people to die of a heroin overdose in the United States. In February, an Ohio couple was arrested after their eight-year-old son overdosed on heroin.

A GoFundMe campaign is collecting contributions for Nathan’s funeral expenses.


Photo: GoFundMe