Attorney shot and killed in broad daylight; murder suspect arrested after running red light

Trinh Huynh was a staff attorney for UPS who “always had a smile on her face”

A suspect has been arrested in what police say they believe was a ‘targeted’ killing of a woman in Atlanta.

Raylon Browning, 39, was arrested just over 12 hours after he allegedly shot 40-year-old attorney Trinh Huynh in broad daylight around 7:40 a.m. during rush hour in Midtown Atlanta on April 3, reports ABC News.

According to police, Browning allegedly ran up to Huynh in a busy intersection, and shot her multiple times.

Huynh, who was a staff attorney for UPS, was taken to a hospital, but died from her wounds.

Atlanta police told the news station that officer pulled Browning over at around 9 p.m. Monday night after running a red light.

Browning was wearing shorts and tennis shoes, the same clothes the suspect was seen wearing in video surveillance footage of the shooting. During a routine search of Browning’s car, police discovered a weapon they believe was used in the murder, along with a hoodie that matched the one in the video.

Officers also discovered there were two warrants for Browning for aggravated assault stemming from the previous day when he allegedly stabbed two people.

Police arrested Browning and he has been charged with murder and two counts of aggravated assault.

Deputy Chief Darryl Tolleson of the Atlanta police said the investigation is ongoing and the relationship between Browning and Huynh is unclear.

Atlanta Police homicide Lt. Ricardo Vazquez said they believe Huynh was targeted based on the video footage recovered from the scene, reports

At a press conference on April 3, Vazquez said, ‘”We see him following her in another piece of video. … There was another person in that intersection and it appears that he specifically targeted her. We definitely believe that she was a target. Why she was a target, we do not know that yet.”

Huynh’s sister, Dao Huynh issued a statement about her sister’s sudden death.

  We have all lost a stalwart member of the community and of our family. Trinh was blessed with grace, style, intelligence, charm and wit and she in turn shared her gifts with all those who knew her…She was more than an attorney and always strove to be more and to have more in life than just her resume.

Photo: Fox 5 video screenshot