Tad Cummins Instagram account hints at secret underage relationship, pervy plans

An Instagram account that appears to be associated with Tad Cummins, the teacher wanted for kidnapping 15-year-old Elizabeth Thomas, includes multiple posts that seem to be referencing his relationship with the student and possible plans to run away with her.

Cummins and Thomas were last seen in Columbia, Tennessee, on March 13. Since then, details have emerged that indicate the student and the married teacher were in some type of romantic relationship, and Cummins is suspected of having groomed the teen to behave as he wished. The suspected kidnapper is a fugitive from the law, and has been added to the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list.

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A spokesperson for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation told Crime Online they could not confirm that the Instagram account, which has 343 posts, belongs to the 50-year-old teacher.

But photos posted in the account bear a striking resemblance to the fugitive teacher. And there have been no postings in the account since three weeks ago, when Cummins and Thomas are believed to have left Columbia, Tennessee, together.

In addition to photographs that appear to be Cummins and his newborn grandson, there are several posts that could be interpreted as referencing his relationship with Thomas, along with multiple posts with the hashtag “#ohtheplaces,” featuring scenic photos of exotic vacation destinations.


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#surviving #imokay

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#markanthony #poetsofinstagram #strong #unbreakable #love

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#strong #unbreakable #love

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#bahamas #ohtheplaces #love

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And the most recent post, dated March 13:


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Cummins and Thomas were last spotted in Oklahoma City, where surveillance camera footage captures images of the pair shopping at a Wal-Mart.


Photo: Instagram screenshot