Video: Enraged passenger threatens to claim rape on Uber driver when he told her get out

**WARNING**: Graphic language!

An Uber driver’s dash cam video captured a woman threatening to claim the driver raped her, after a confrontation started over what appears to be a phone charger issue.

A video published on LiveLeak depicts a woman in the back of an Uber driver’s car in NYC, apparently upset about the driver not having a phone charger in his car, but it’s unclear exactly what started the confrontation. The woman screamed at the man to take her to her boyfriend’s house after the driver pulled over and asked her to get out. She repeatedly demanded that the driver “call the cops,” but he refused and told her he wasn’t calling anyone.

The argument continued for at least eight minutes, but the Uber driver showed great restraint after the woman threatened him numerous times and told him her boyfriend had “something for him.” The driver told her again to leave his car, even pointing to the train station across the street. This seemed to irritate the already irate passenger even further, who threatened to spit in the driver’s face.

“I don’t give a f****. Call the cops. I’m not getting out. Call the cops! Watch your mouth or I’ll spit in your face.”

The driver told her she could “make up any lies” she wanted to, but he refused to drive the belligerent passenger any further. A few minutes later, after she realized the driver wasn’t taking her to her destination, the passenger accused him of trying to rape her. The driver laughed at the accusation, looked at his dash cam camera and said, “this is what females do.”

“I’m gonna start screaming out the window that you’re raping me!”

The driver told the passenger that he’s a married, loyal  husband and would never “do that sh**,” but the passenger continued to rant for another four minutes before exiting the car.

It’s unclear what the passenger’s name is or whether she actually filed a police report.

[Feature Photo: LiveLeak Screenshot]