9-month-old baby girl found high on meth was INJECTED with the drug: Police

A nine-month-old baby in Texas appears to have been injected with methamphetamine.

According to an arrest affidavit from the Lamesa, Texas, police department obtained by CBS 7, an infant girl brought to the hospital last Thursday with methamphetamine in her system was injected with the drug by a needle. 

At around 10 p.m., when Destiny Lozano picked up her baby girl Mia from her mom’s house, Destiny told police she was behaving normally. She started to fall asleep on the car ride home, but things changed a little while later.

Destiny reportedly left the baby in the living room with her husband, Ricky Lozano, and his father, Ricardo Hernandez. She was gone for about 20 minutes, in another part of the home.

She told police that when she returned, the baby “was acting just very weird, like very hyper, and that’s not how she acts, she’s a normal baby.”

Destiny tried all the normal things to calm her, like giving her a bath, a bottle and some children’s Tylenol, but nothing worked so she took her to the Medical Arts Hospital Emergency Room. After examining her, the staff couldn’t find anything wrong and released the baby.

By 4 a.m., Destiny was back at the hospital because the baby was still acting “strange” and wouldn’t stop crying. A blood test was ordered and the nurse who placed a tourniquet on the baby’s arm noticed the intended vein started bleeding, suggesting someone had recently given the baby an injection — likely within a few hours before. A subsequent blood test was positive for methamphetamine.

Destiny and Ricky Lozano and Ricardo Hernandez were all arrested and charged with injury to a child, though the baby’s father appears to be the primary person of interest. Destiny reportedly told police that he sells drugs and that she had seen him at home carrying bags of what appeared to be illegal drugs.

Ricky’s family members defended him to CBS 7, and suggested that something might have happened to the baby before her mother picked her up.

“Ricky from the get go said, you can go check my house, my car, give me a polygraph test, give me a drug test,” Ricky’s aunt Maria Garza told the news station. “Obviously if he was dirty, or did anything wrong, he would’ve never said that.”

All three remain in custody on $150,000 bond each. CBS7 spoke with the baby’s grandma who says the baby is in the care of CPS.

The public is asked to contact the Lamesa Police Department if they have any information on this or any other crime at 806/872-TIPS ext. 8477.