Casey Anthony: Tot mom jokes, screams, cries in never-before-seen video footage from jail

Never-before-seen footage of Casey Anthony, aka Tot Mom, speaking to her parents from jail will air Sunday night in the premiere of Investigation Discovery’s three-part series Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery.

The premiere episode explores the first shocking weeks of the investigation into her three-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony’s disappearance in 2008 — an investigation that police launched after Casey’s own mother Cindy Anthony called 911 to report that her daughter had stolen a family car, and the car smelled like there had been a body in it.

From the start, police and Casey’s own family found the young woman’s behavior unusual for a mother whose child had been missing for a month. Casey was booked on child neglect charges for failing to report her daughter’s disappearance, and never-before-seen jailhouse interviews with her parents highlight Casey’s bizarre reaction, as her parents appear to struggle with their suspicion that Casey may have been involved with their granddaughter’s disappearance, while still making her feel like it’s safe to talk to them.

And she does talk, but mostly about herself, crying to her father, George Anthony, that she “looks like hell” and complaining that she has “no control over the situation,” and that “everything has been taken” from her.

She even complains that “no one will let me talk,” despite the fact that investigators had been pressing her to do just that for months — and she had either refused to give answers, or outright lied. In the jailhouse interview with her parents, she moves quickly from tears to rage to defiance and even sarcasm: When Cindy Anthony tells her daughter she’s heard from people who believe Caylee is dead, Casey responds by rolling her eyes:

“Surprise, surprise,” she says.

Later in the conversation she says again that she doesn’t know what happened to her daughter but, adds:

“I know in my heart she’s not far. I can feel it.”

The toddler’s body was found a few months later in a swampy area not far from Casey’s home.

The Investigation Discovery series will also air audio footage of a police interrogation, after she had been caught lying to police about where she worked and leaving her baby with a nanny at the nanny’s apartment — an apartment that was later to be found vacant at the time she said she left her daughter there.


Photo: Investigation Discovery screenshot