Missing Ashley Morris Mullis: A father’s frustration

It’s been over three years; where is Ashley Mullis? Listen to podcast HERE, and her father’s plea for answers!

Ashley Morris Mullis vanished from her Muncie, Indiana, home in September 2013, leaving behind an infant daughter and two sons. Don Morris has spent every weekend since handing out flyers and asking for people to help find her. This is despite his belief that his daughter and the man he suspects killed her are both dead.

The father’s refusal to give up is fueled by his love for his young granddaughter, who is now living with the widow of his daughter’s boyfriend. While Morris continues to investigate what happened to his daughter, he battles in court for custody of the child.

Posted by Searching for Ashley Morris Mullis on Thursday, September 10, 2015


Nancy Grace talks to this grieving dad about this shocking and complicated case in this “Crime Stories” episode.

[Feature Photo: Family Handout]