‘I wouldn’t believe her’: Casey Anthony’s dad reads suicide note in shock interview

George and Cindy Anthony appear in Investigation Discovery’s three-part series on the death of Caylee Anthony and ‘tot mom’ Casey Anthony’s murder trial, Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery. 

Casey Anthony was acquitted of her daughter’s murder in 2011, in a controversial jury decision. At her trial, Casey’s defense attorney Jose Baez tried to implicate Casey’s dad in his granddaughter’s death, and also claimed that he had molested Casey when she was a child.

In the Investigation Discovery miniseries, George Anthony speaks candidly about his distrust for his daughter, who has maintained for years that she does not know how two-year-old Caylee died.

My daughter could come right in front of me right now and say, ‘Dad this is what really happened,’ and I wouldn’t believe her.

He also speaks on camera about his decision to kill himself after Caylee’s body was found.

I could not function after Caylee was found. I could not function … I drove as far as Daytona Beach, Florida to the most rattiest hotel. I took about 70 pills, I drank as much beer as I could, because I … I didn’t know what anymore to do.

George read from the suicide note he wrote then.

“I want to hold her again, I miss her, I will always love us… I love you, Cynthia Marie – Caylee, here I come,” he read aloud.

The first episode of the series chronicled the days and weeks after Caylee was finally reported missing, 31 days after her family had last seen her. Police exposed numerous lies Casey told them about her daughter’s disappearance. While Casey was acquitted of murder, she was found guilty for lying to police.


Photo: Video Screesnhot/Investigation Discovery