Missouri infant found with fractured skull, mouth smeared with superglue

An investigation is underway after a Kennett, Missouri, baby was taken to the hospital with a fractured skull and superglue smeared on his mouth.

WREG reports that a police officer received a call last Monday after hospital staff reported that a baby brought in for treatment had blood on his nose, swollen limbs, face swelling, and a substance that appeared to be super glue smeared over his mouth. After the officer noted that the injuries looked “consistent with abuse,”  Blytheville, Arkansas, police and Kennett, Missouri, police began an investigation into the reported abuse.

After medical tests determined that the baby also had rib fractures and a skull fracture, he was flown to the Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital for additional treatment.

According to the police report, someone called authorities and stated she was calling on behalf of the baby’s aunt. A minor was in charge of watching over the baby when she called. She said she took the baby to the hospital after she saw his condition. She also said that the baby’s mother left him for long periods of time. The mother called the police afterwards and promised to come to the hospital, but never showed up.

On Thursday, Kent police issued a statement that rumors on social media were harming the investigation.

“At this point, rumors and speculations are already hindering the investigation. Therefore, investigators are encouraging anyone with credible information to contact Kennett police.”

No additional details will be released until the investigation is complete, according to investigators.