Elizabeth Thomas kidnapper Tad Cummins left a note before vanishing; may have wanted to be seen at Walmart

Tad Cummins, the former high school teacher believed to be on the run with kidnapped 15-year-old student Elizabeth Thomas, reportedly left a note for his wife before he left Columbia, Tennessee, with the girl on March 13.

Tennessee 22nd Judicial District Attorney Brent Cooper told ABC Action News that Cummins left a note for his wife the morning he disappeared with Elizabeth.

Cooper did not reveal specifics of the note, but told the news station it appeared as though the note was intended to buy the fugitive more time — rather than explaining what was really going on.

According to the same report, investigators believe that Cummins was well aware he might be seen on surveillance cameras when he was spotted at an Oklahoma City Walmart with Elizabeth Thomas on March 15. That sighting, like the note, may have been a diversion tactic, meant to throw investigators off.

The District Attorney told ABC Action News that Cummins took blood pressure medication, and may be due for a refill soon: It has been nearly a month since the pair disappeared.


Photo: Police handout