Police: Thieves rob boy who fell into diabetic coma while playing at park

Police officers in Nottingham, England are searching for a group of thieves who stole a 13-year-old boy’s bike and rifled through his pockets as he lay in a park, unconscious from extremely low blood sugar.

According to the Nottingham Post, McKinley Chambers, a Type 1 diabetic, was at the Queens Walk Recreation Ground on Sunday, playing football. He left the park a bit early and headed to his grandfather’s house for dinner, but when he realized he arrived too soon, he cycled back to the park to play more.

SWNS McKinley Chambers was rigged as he lay in a diabetic coma in a park McKinley Chambers collapsed and was left lying…

Posted by NewsExplored – Latest News on Friday, April 14, 2017

When McKinley failed to return for dinner, his grandfather, Luke Chambers, went to look for him. Chambers found the boy lying unconscious in the park with only his phone and blood sugar monitor beside him; both were smashed and broken. His  BMX bicycle was missing.

McKinley’s mom, Charlene Chambers, rushed over to the park and gave the boy a glucagon injection while his grandfather dialed 999.

Charlene Chambers, a trainee nurse, was infuriated that thieves took her son’s belonging and left him comatose.

“I feel disgusted. I don’t want to live in this area. They left my kid to die. They just walked up to him, took his bike while he lay there dying. It was the most vulnerable time of his life and no one was there to help him.”

McKinley received medical help in the nick of time, and he’s already made a full recovery. Yet, he can’t remember who stole his bike, as thieves made their move when he was passed out.

“I was playing football on the park and I don’t remember anything after that. I remember being carried from the park by my grandad.”

Nottinghamshire Police spoke with witnesses and learned that more than one person made off with McKinley’s bike. So far, no arrests have been made. A description of the suspects wasn’t readily available.

[Feature Photo: Nottingham Post]