Woman says doctor boyfriend secretly gave her Plan B

A woman his suing her physician ex-boyfriend, who she claims secretly slipped the Plan B birth control drug into her drink.

The New York Post reports that Hyosun Kim is suing Neuroradiologist John Nwankwo Ikechi for $5 million in damages. According to her lawsuit, Kim found discarded Plan B packaging in her boyfriend’s apartment after they had been dating for about a month. She initially believed he had been unfaithful, but he later reportedly confessed to slipping the Plan B pill into her drink.

Plan B emergency contraceptive works to prevent pregnancy for up to 72 hours after fertilization has taken place.

According to the suit, Ikechi “confessed that he was aware she would never have voluntarily agreed to take the Plan B pill and told her that this was the only way he could get her to ingest” it. Kim was not taking birth control at the time.

In response, Kim ended the relationship but says she was so traumatized she needed medical treatment.

Ikechi “is a licensed medical doctor in the state of New York making his conduct all the more egregious, as any doctor … knows … that an individual cannot be forced to ingest medication without his or her consent,” the lawsuit says.

Ikechi has not yet publicly commented on the lawsuit.


Photo: Associated Press