Police: Dallas shoplifter lured kids into Walmart with candy, found with meth in her bra

A Dallas woman is behind bars after police say she shoplifted at a local Walmart with meth in her bra, and lured children in the store with promise of candy.

Dallas News reports that Castle Kameron Gately, 23, was seen stealing items with children at the Walmart off of Retail Road. When loss-prevention workers caught her and interviewed two children, ages 5 and 6, they determined that the kids were not Gately’s. In fact, the children didn’t even know her. Both children indicated that they went into the store with Gately because she said she would buy them whatever they wanted. They said they were playing outside at a nearby apartment complex when Gately approached them.

According to a witness, Gately told the children that she’d buy them food and water if they came with her to Walmart. The witness also said Gately lured the kids with a candy bar.

After police arrived and searched Gately, they found a small clear baggy inside her bra. Authorities said the baggy contained crystal methamphetamine.

Both children were safely returned to family members. Both of their mothers had already called 911 and reported them missing. It’s still unclear why Gately wanted the children with her as she reportedly shoplifted.

Gately was charged with possession of an illegal substance, unlawful restraint of a minor, and  property theft under $30,000. She remains behind bars on a $150,000 bond amount at the Dallas County Jail.

[Feature Photo: Dallas County Jail]