Texas killer who left cellphone at crime scene gets life in prison

Thirty-one year-old Darrion Dallas was sentenced to life in prison last week in the murder of 24-year-old Andre Davis. Dallas was the first of three men to be tried on murder charges in crime that took place in the early morning hours of October 2015.

Similar charges have been filed against Kenneth Henderson, 30, and Charleston Jackson, 34, who both remain in the Dallas County Jail awaiting trial.

Andre Davis was shot and killed in his home about a block from University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center by two would-be robbers. According to police documents, the men came to the door at approximately 3:15 am and shot him with an assault rifle. Davis was hit multiple times and was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Two witnesses to the shooting escaped through a bathroom window, and according to the Dallas News, one witness later told police Davis was shot after he grabbed the rifle and “tussled”  with the suspects.

The same witness later identified Darrion Dallas as the shooter and Kenneth Henderson as the other man at the door. The third suspect, Charleston Jackson, fled the scene and was later picked up by Dallas and Henderson.

On the day of the shooting, a police officer from the nearby hospital heard gunshots and briefly followed the getaway vehicle, recording a partial license plate number. Another key piece in solving the case was a cellphone left on the front yard of the home. After obtaining a search warrant for the phone, it was determined to belong to Darrion Dallas.

A third witness also identified Dallas as the shooter and told detectives the rifle used in the shooting had been thrown into a nearby lake.

Dallas fled Texas and was located and arrested in Denver, Colorado in March 2016. He is currently in the Dallas County Jail awaiting transfer to state prison where he will serve his life sentence.

[Feature Photo: Dallas PD]