BOOK HIM! Man urinates on squad car, punches Dallas officer

**WARNING** Video contains violence

A Dallas, Texas, man is behind bars for reportedly punching a police officer in the face at a downtown Dallas restaurant and urinating on the officer’s patrol car.

Dallas News reports that William Holmes, 27, reportedly urinated on the police car while the officers were inside the Zenna Restaurant, off of North Akard Street, at around 2 p.m. on Saturday. A witness notified the officers that a strange man was close to their patrol car, and appeared to be relieving himself.

The officers spotted Holmes as he walked into the restaurant, but when they tried to stop him, he sucker punched one of the officers in the face. A restaurant surveillance camera captured the entire incident. Restaurant manager Johnny Ly said he felt bad for the officers.

“That was crazy. I’ve never seen anything like that before. I feel bad for them. They were probably here on their break time having lunch before they have to go back out to their beat for another 12 hours and this is what they have to deal with.”

DPD patrol supervisor, Mike Mata, said that if the suspect can hit a police officer, the average citizen is likely unsafe around him.

“If he’s going to punch a cop in the face, what’s he going to do in Joe Citizen? Nobody signs a piece of paper when they become an officer that says, ‘I’m going to take a beating every day.”

The officers detained Holmes after a brief struggle. He was booked into the Dallas County Jail on charges of felony assault on an officer and criminal mischief. His bail was set at $4,000.


[Feature Photo: Dallas County Jail]