Prison where Aaron Hernandez committed suicide is on ‘lockdown’

The Massachusetts maximum security prison where Aaron Hernandez took his own life last week is on lockdown as investigators probe the former NFL star’s death in addition to other, unspecified issues at the prison.

According to the Boston Globe, Daniel Bennett, Massachusetts’s top public safety officer, objected in court on Monday to a request that Hernandez’s suicide notes be released to his family, indicating that it might impact an investigation into the prison death.

“[The prison is] in lockdown and one of the reasons is because of issues with Mr. Hernandez. And things that have happened with Mr. Hernandez,” Bennett reportedly said during a discussion with the judge and lawyers on Hernandez’s case.

“There was a lot of other issues that could have gone on at Souza,” Bennett reportedly said.

The judge ultimately ordered that Hernandez’s family be given copies of the suicide notes, which they were expected to receive prior to his burial Monday afternoon.

In the courtroom discussion, Bennett characterized the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center as the state’s “most dangerous prison.”

On Monday, Hernandez’s defense attorney Jose Baez indicated to TMZ that he had not ruled out the involvement of foul play in his client’s death.

“There is still plenty we are investigating,” Baez said.


Photo: Associated Press