Army veteran who filmed herself killing her own service dog gets bail increase to $25K

– An Army veteran and her soldier “boyfriend” participated in killing a gentle service dog
– The pair filmed the incident while laughing and giggling

Police say a U.S. veteran and her soldier boyfriend tied her service dog to a tree in North Carolina and shot him several times, killing the pup.

The Fayetteville Observer reports that on April 17, Marinna Rollins, 23, posted a message on Facebook that she found a new home for her service dog, a 2-year-old pit bull named Cam, who helped the medically-discharged veteran with her PTSD. Yet, prosecutors allege that Rollins never had a new home for the pup. Instead, she allegedly tied Cam up to a tree at her Fayetteville home off of East Netherland Drive, and shot him numerous times. Rollins’ boyfriend, 25-year-old Jarren Heng, is accused of also shooting Cam.

The suspects filmed the entire incident. Heng is heard in the background saying, “let me hit him once,” as the video pointed towards Cam. Both Heng and Rollins giggled after the dog died, while Rollins pulled his lifeless body into a shallow grave.

[Photo: Handout]

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office and Cumberland County Animal Control were both called to investigate the incident after a witness who saw the video reported it. Authorities found multiple videos of the shooting and text messages on the suspects’ phone, discussing the incident.

Heng was arrested on Monday morning, followed by Rollins on Tuesday evening. According to court documents, Rollins tried avoid arrest. Rollins’ bail was originally set at $10,000 and Heng at $5,000, but after a public outcry and “due to aggravating factors and the cruel nature of the case,” their bail was increased to $25,000 each. They’re both currently behind bars in Cumberland County.

Rollins’ husband adopted Cam from the Cumberland County Animal Control shortly before he separated from her, in December 2016. When the husband, a soldier, received orders to deploy to South Korea, Rollins begged him to let Cam stay with her. According to the husband, who wishes to remain anonymous, Rollins acted like she cared deeply for the pup, who followed her around faithfully and was never once aggressive to her.

In April, after Rollins began dating Heng, she posted an online ad, trying to find Cam a home. She told a friend that the dog was too expensive, but witnesses said that Heng was controlling and the couple had a volatile relationship. The witness surmised Heng likely played a large part in Rollins decision to kill the dog when they couldn’t find him a home quick enough.

“He was very controlling. He didn’t like her having friends.”

Cumberland County District Attorney Billy West is the prosecutor on the case. He said he couldn’t give many details since the case is active and ongoing, but he said that justice for Cam would be served.

“We will work diligently to seek justice in this case. What we do know about the case is disturbing.”

[Feature Photo: Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office]