Aaron Hernandez died broke: Report

A lawyer for Aaron Hernandez’s fiance Shayanna Jenkins claims the former NFL star left behind an estate worth nothing.

According to court records obtained by the Daily News, Hernandez left an estate worth “0.00” with “no monies available and no identifiable personal assets.”

But Hernandez did own a $1.3 million North Attleboro, Massachusetts, home — which finally has an offer after a year on the market. The potential buyer has not yet been identified.

According to the Daily News, a court has given Shayanna Jenkins authority to sell the house. Meanwhile, the mother of Odin Lloyd, who Hernandez was convicted of shooting to death, has reportedly filed a wrongful death civil suit against money earned from the sale of the home.

Because of an archaic Massachusetts bylaw, Hernandez could have his murder conviction vacated. The rarely-applied legal principle states that a conviction cannot be upheld if a suspect dies before a criminal case is complete. The 2015 murder conviction was still pending appeal when Hernandez died of an apparent suicide in his jail cell last week. It is not yet clear how this legal principle may impact civil proceedings against Hernandez for Lloyd’s death.

On April 14, just five days before he hung himself, Hernandez was found not guilty of double murder.


Photo: Associated Press