Man marries pregnant bride hours after raping stranger

A newlywed has been sentenced to life in prison for raping a woman just hours before he married his pregnant wife.

According to the BBC, Derry Flynn McCann, 28, pleaded guilty last month to multiple rape charges for the heinous sexual assault of a woman in East London in January — the same morning he would later get married.

Police told the BBC that the crime was particularly heinous, as McCann took photos of the woman as he was assaulting her, and stole her cell phone. The assault reportedly took place “within sight” of the victim’s front door.

“It was about midnight, just a little after, and the victim was walking a short distance home having been out to an art gallery, socialising with friends,” the prosecutor told the court.

“She was almost within sight of her own front door when she skirted round the side of the park on her usual route home.”

McCann had reportedly target a different woman at first, but lost track of her as he was stalking her.

It was not his first rape conviction: According to the BBC, McCann had recently finished a prison sentence for a “prolonged” rape he committed in 2006, when he was a teenager.

The Honorary Recorder (a British term for an attorney who also acts as a judge) who presided over the sentencing said that McCann would spend a “long, long time” in prison for the “terrible” act.


Photo: Metropolitan Police