Moms sue after BLOODY schoolgirl beatdown caught on camera

“No children, no grandchildren are safe”

A group of parents is suing a Kentucky middle school after school officials allegedly failed to properly respond to a brutal beating of a 12-year-old girl that was caught on video.

The cell phone video, which was reportedly recorded on April 14, shows the 12-year-old girl being repeatedly hit in the head by another student. According to Wave 3 News, the incident was a continuation of a conflict between the two students that began earlier that day when the 12-year-old took her alleged assailant’s seat in a classroom. Later that morning, the girl reportedly told someone to record a video as she brutalized the 12-year-old girl in a school bathroom. News, Weather & Sports

According to Wave 3 News, the girl suffered multiple head wounds and a shoulder separation. And her parents didn’t even know about the extend of the injuries until almost two weeks later.

Hollie King, the girl’s mother, told the news station that the school did not notify the girl’s parents about the attack until 10 days later, and the parents didn’t see the video until two days after that. Upon seeing the severity of the beating, the mother took the girl to a hospital and filed a police report.

“When I took her to the emergency room, they told me she’s lucky she didn’t have internal brain bleeding,” Hollie King told Wave 3 News.

The King family will now join several other families in a previously pending lawsuit against Crosby Middle School, filed in December, that accuses school officials of allowing a culture of bullying to thrive at the middle school.

According to WBRD, the alleged assailant has been suspended.

Terry Gordon, an attorney representing the King family, told Wave 3 News that the family will file a restraining order against the girl if she is allowed to return to school.

Gordon is reporting asking for the state to take over authority of the middle school and for police officers to be brought into the school for additional security.

“No children, no grandchildren are safe at Crosby Middle,” the lawyer told the news station.

According to Wave 3 News, Crosby Middle School has the highest rate of suspensions among middle schools in its district.



Photo: Screenshot/Wave 3 News