Aaron Hernandez wrote ‘ILLUMINATI’ in his own blood on prison cell wall; autopsy found no drugs in his system: Report

New details have emerged about the apparent suicide of Aaron Hernandez earlier this month, and they raise more questions about the circumstances of Hernandez’s hanging death in his prison cell on April 19.

WCVB, citing sources with knowledge of the medical examination, reports that an autopsy found no illegal drugs in Hernandez’s system. Investigators had found the synthetic marijuana drug ‘K2’ during a search of the jail, leading to widespread speculation that Hernandez had been high at the time of his death.  The new report conflicts with multiple earlier reports that Hernandez did indeed have K2 in his system. According to TMZ, a medical examiner dismissed those reports as “rumors.”

Detectives also reportedly found “several homemade weapons” in his cell, according to the New York Post.

As Crime Online previously reported, Hernandez was found with a reference to the Biblical passage John 3:16 written on his forehead, in ink. But the latest report claims that he also drew on his jail cell wall with his own blood.

From the New York Post:

One of the drawings was “the unfinished pyramid and the all-seeing eye of God,” similar to the illustration on the back of the dollar bill …  Hernandez wrote “ILLUMINATI” in capital letters below the pyramid, and drew an oval with rays coming from its edges.

The “ILLUMINATI” is a likely reference to a somewhat mythical secret society of rich and powerful people. There is no concrete evidence that such a society exists, but it is the subject of conspiracy theories. Beyoncé, who some have suggested is a member of the Illuminati, referenced the rumor on her 2016 album “Lemonade.” According to Vanity Fair, there has also been public speculation that Warren Buffet, Justin Bieber, and multiple former U.S. presidents are part of the secret society.

The New York Post report also corroborated what Hernandez’s lawyer Jose Baez has been saying for several days: That there was no suicide note left to Hernandez’s purported “prison boyfriend” Kyle Kennedy. The report claims he left three suicide notes; one addressed to his fiancee Shayanna Jenkins, one to his four-year-old daughter, and one to his lawyer.


Photo: Associated Press