DaddyOFive YouTube stars lose custody of children over accusations their ‘pranks’ are abuse

Maryland parents who rose to internet fame with their ‘DaddyOFive’ YouTube channel have temporarily lost custody of two of their children after their “pranks” went too far.

WTOP reports that Michael and Heather Martin of Frederick County have been accused of abuse by the biological mother of two of their children. Michael is the biological father, and Heather is the stepmother of two siblings that have been removed from their home while the parents seek counseling and authorities investigate to determine if any crimes took place. Their biological mother has been granted emergency custody.

The Martins have become well-known for YouTube videos that chronicle elaborate “pranks” played on their five children. But a recent YouTube video that shows the couple viciously berating one of their boys for spilling ink on a rug has sparked outrage on the internet. In the video, Heather Martin spills invisible ink on the boy’s bedroom rug and then accuses him of destroying it. The boy and his siblings are visibly upset as he tries to defend himself against his parents’ profanity-laced reprimands and threats.

During a recent appearance on Good Morning America, the Martins claimed that the children are in on the joke, and that the pranks in the videos are orchestrated with their cooperation. Heather Martin apologized for what she said were poor parenting choices, but insisted that the antics seen in their YouTube videos were not reflective of the real family dynamic.

Still, Rose Hall, the biological mother of two of the children, Emma and Cody, was not convinced.

On Monday, she posted a YouTube video with her attorney and said it was “heartbreaking and disturbing to see [her] kids being abused.” She said that her two children were doing well in her care.

Feature photo: GMA/ABC News screenshot