Robbery suspect gets beaten by woman with baseball bat

A Tennessee man who reportedly broke into a home got swift justice when the homeowner went after him with an aluminum baseball bat.

FOX News reports that a woman knocked on another woman’s door in Kingsport on Saturday night while holding a lost dog flyer. When the victim, 52, opened the door, a man wearing a mask jumped out from behind and forced his way into the home. The masked man, identified as Joe Sotello, allegedly tried to pull the victim outside but failed. The suspect then pushed her back inside and screamed that he intended to rob her.

“This is a robbery!”

The victim, only 4’11” tall, held her own against the would-be robber and even partially removed his mask. That’s when she recognized Sotello, a long-time family friend. The victim reached for a baseball bat and start swinging at him after she noticed a belt tucked in his pants. She landed numerous blows on his face. Police referred to it as a  “clearly justifiable self-defense.”

Two teens girls in the home heard the commotion and ran to the woman’s rescue. The trio was able to get Sotello out of the house and onto the front lawn. The girl who knocked on the door with the lost dog flyer  sped away in a vehicle. Police later identified her as Sotello’s girlfriend.

Authorities detained Sotello, who at first gave numerous false statements. He eventually confessed that he was going through hard times and needed cash. He faces charges of aggravated robbery and aggravated burglary. He’s currently in the Kingsport City Jail.

[Feature Photo: Kingsport City Jail]