Unspeakable details emerge of gang’s torture, murder of father of two

Suspects forced man to eat his own testicles

An argument over money led to the brutal torture and murder of a father of two, who was reportedly forced to eat his own body parts before he was killed. Newly-released court documents from Newcastle crown court in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, state that the abuse went on for more than six weeks.

The Guardian reports that Jimmy Prout, 43, was viciously attacked by a group of “cult-like” people in late 2015, which consisted of three women and one man who decided to torture and kill Prout over an alleged debt.

Court records indicate that Zahid Zaman, 43, Myra Wood, 50, Kay Rayworth, 56, and Ann Corbett, 26, took turns torturing Prout while encouraging each other to take the abuse a step further. Although Zaman is in a wheelchair, he is the alleged leader of the gang and dealt out the most to the victim. Zaman allegedly used a knife to slice Prout’s scrotum, pull out one testicle, and place it in his mouth. Later, Prout’s teeth were pried from his mouth and he was allegedly forced to have sex with a dog.

“Awfully, on one occasion, Jimmy Prout’s scrotum was sliced open and his testicle was removed; he was then forced to eat it. His teeth were removed with a hammer and chisel and, on a further occasion, he was forced to submit to intercourse with a dog,” said prosecutor Paul Greaney QC.

After weeks of torture, the gang killed Prout and dumped his mutilated body into a wasteland close to his home in North Tyneside.

According to prosecutors, Prout never owed anyone money. Instead, a mutual friend supposedly stole $300 from Zaman. Regardless, Zaman turned his anger towards Prout.

After the murder, the gang tried to cover their tracks, according to authorities. They called mutual friends, asking if anyone had Prout, yet at the same time, they raided his bank account.

All four pleaded guilty to “perverting the course of justice” but they deny murdering Prout. Their trial is currently underway and is expected to last around six weeks.

[Feature Photo: Family Handout]