Baby gets caught in the middle of parent’s violent fist fight, caught on video

WARNING: Video contains violence and graphic language

A Utah mom and dad were arrested on Friday after a video surfaced of the pair screaming at each other and throwing punches while playing tug-of-war with their small child.

New York Daily News reports that video surveillance from an Orem La Quinta hotel parking caught Britnie Haas holding her 11-month-old baby while the baby’s dad, Elias Holt, tried to grab the infant from his mother’s arms. As the couple screamed at each other, Haas punched Holt in the face while his aunt, Melinda Ylinen, tried her best to separate the two before the baby got injured.

Holt somehow grabbed the baby, which set Haas off even further. She tries to snatch the baby back, but Holt lunges towards her while still holding the infant.

The incident happened last Sunday, but the couple didn’t get arrested until close to a week later, after police observed the surveillance footage and were tipped off to the couple’s location.

According to Orem Police Lt. Craig Martinez, the baby wasn’t harmed, but the video was taken as evidence to use against the pair. Haas was charged with child abuse, assault, and domestic violence in the presence of a child. Holt was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

“It was disturbing in the two minutes it was being filmed. We are going to use the video as evidence in our case as to why we filed the appropriate charges,” said Martinez.

Ylinen said she tried her best to get the baby out of harm’s way, but she ended up getting hit numerous times by Haas.

“I just wanted to remove the baby from the situation. I was hit seven or eight times and she tried to get her fingers in my eye sockets to pull my eyes out.”

According to Ylinen, the couple had been drinking earlier at her daughter’s 16th birthday party. They later started arguing in the hotel parking lot.

The baby is now safe with family. Ylinen plans to file a police report herself, but hopes that the couple will receive help for their issues before they’re allowed to get their baby back.

[Feature Photo: Orem Police Department]