Evil burglars poured bleach on family dog

A band of burlgars in Texas nearly blinded an innocent family dog who was in a crate while they were ransacking the home.

According to the Dallas News, a resident of Mesquite arrived home last Wednesday to find the house trashed with items missing. But the burglary was just the beginning: The intruders also poured bleach on one of the family’s dog — for no apparent reason other than cruelty, as the dog was in a crate at the time.

The pitbull, Laila, reportedly lost 80 percent of her vision, according to a statement on a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for her vet bills.

The thiefs poured bleach, lighter fluid and other cleaning chemicals on our family dogs eyes and entire body. We took them to the vet our chihuahua was fine but our pitbull suffered the most damage in her eyes. The chemicals caused cornea ulcers that cover 80% of her eyes. They’re doing everything possible to save the little sight she has left.

The Dallas News reports that two of four suspects have been taken into custody:  Zavier Humphrey, 18, and Jacob Hernandez, 17. Humphrey was charged with animal cruelty in addition to burglary.



Photo: GoFundMe