‘Parents’ who tortured and starved 7-year-old Adrian Jones before feeding him to pigs may GO FREE one day

Additional images of the horrific torture and abuse have been released, as Adrian Jones’s father is sentenced

The father of the Adrian Jones, who suffered unimaginable torture, abuse, and neglect before finally starving to death, was sentenced on Monday to life in prison. But Michael Jones, like Adrian’s stepmother Heather Jones, will be eligible for parole after 25 years, making it highly likely the killers will walk free one day.

According to 41 Action News, a judge in a¬†Wyandotte County courtroom handed down the life sentence on Monday afternoon. Jones, who did not report his son’s death and fed his remains to a pack of hungry pigs once the smell became too much, did not make a statement at the sentencing hearing.

Earlier this month, 41 Action News ran a three-part series on Adrian’s unimaginable nine-month ordeal, which his father and stepmother documented. Their landlord, Jennifer Hoevers, discovered photos, videos and surveillance footage that captured the abuse and torture after Heather Jones gave her access to her iCould account following her arrest, asking her to save photos of her children.

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On Monday, the Daily Mail published additional images provided by Hoevers, who also spoke to the newspaper about a video of the boy as he was locked outside on a January night wearing nothing but a T-shirt and pajama pants, his hands handcuffed together behind his back.

“Let me tell you, Kansas is cold in January, ” Hoevers told DailyMail.com.



Hoevers shared a photo of Adrian with cutting boards strapped to the front and back of his torso, a form of torture his parents inflicted in order to get him to stand up straight.

Handout/Daily Mail


Another horrifying image shows Adrian with a bloodied face after his parents struck him with the end of a broom handle.


Handout/Daily Mail

Michael Jones had previously pleaded guilty to killing his son, allowing him to avoid a murder trial.


Feature image: Family handout/Adrian Jones in 2012