Chris Soules in hiding? ‘Bachelor’ formally charged with hit-and-run, has not been seen in weeks

Chris Soules has been formally charged with felony hit-and-run for the April 24 crash that killed his neighbor, Kenneth Mosher, in the former Bachelor star’s hometown of Arlington, Iowa.

According to the KWWL News, Buchanan County prosecutors filed formal charges on Monday in court papers obtained by the news station. The charging papers reads, in part:

Christopher Douglas Soules did drive a vehicle involved in an accident resulting in the death of any person and did not immediately stop the vehicle at the scene of the accident or as close as possible, and/or failed to return to and remain at the scene of the accident.

As Crime Online previously reported, Soules called 911 after the accident but left the scene before paramedics arrived. He was taken into custody several hours later at his home, after police apprehended him there with a warrant.

E! News reports that Soules does not appear to be living at his home, and has not been seen in public since his preliminary heading on April 25, the day after the fatal accident. It is possible that Soules is staying at his parents’ house in Arlington, according to E! News.

The former reality’s father was reportedly spotted at a local gas station, but Chris was not with him.

Soules is due in court for his arraignment on May 23.


Photo: Buchanan County Sheriff