Ivy Yurkus: 4-year-old dead after blunt force trauma to stomach; ruled as homicide

“This is not the result of an accident or a simple fall”

A four-year-old Michigan girl died on Thursday after enduring a blow to the stomach so severe that it caused fatal injuries. Her death was ruled as a homicide on Monday.

FOX 2 reports that Ivy Yurkus was rushed to a  Roseville, Michigan, hospital on Wednesday with stomach pains. She died the next day and a medical examiner indicated that the cause of death was blunt force trauma. On Monday, chief of the Roseville Police Department, James Berlin, announced that the little girl’s death was no accident.

“The [Medical Examiner]’s office says no, this had to have been a purposeful blow by somebody and this is not the result of an accident or simple fall or anything along those lines.”

Ivy lived off of Galloway Street in Roseville with her mother, 28, her mother’s 25-year-old boyfriend, a brother, 7, and baby sister. The mother’s boyfriend drove Ivy to see her mom at work on Wednesday, and when the child arrived, she complained about stomach pain. The mom called for medical assistance and the little girl was rushed to a local hospital, where she passed away the following day.

According to Berlin, EMT responders initially thought Ivy was experiencing a seizure on the way to the hospital. It was thought to be child abuse once she arrived and hospital staff assessed her. Investigators noted that Ivy had a “multitude of current injuries and evidence of past injuries that are consistent with a systematic pattern of abuse.”

So far, no one has been charged. The mom’s boyfriend has no prior criminal record, but court documents indicate that the mother has done time in the past for robbery, resisting arrest, and drugs. Detectives are currently working with attorneys for the child’s mom and the mom’s boyfriend. The other two children are currently in the custody of Child Protective Services.

The story is still developing. Check back with Crime Online as additional information becomes available.

[Feature Photo: Walter Scott Skupny Funeral Home]