Adrian Jones told authorities he was being abused TWO YEARS before he was starved to death and fed to pigs

Two years before he died, Adrian Jones told child services that his father had kicked him so hard that in the head that “a little bone come out”

The little boy who was tortured and starved before his parents fed his emaciated dead body to pigs made a plea for help two years before police found his remains in a livestock pen near his parents Kansas City, Kansas, home.


According to records obtained this week by the Kansas City Star, an anonymous caller tipped off the Children’s Division of the Missouri Department of Social Services about possible abuse at the home in Plattsburg, Missouri.

In an interview with a Children’s Division employee in July 2013, when Adrian would have been around five years old, the little boy made it very clear he was being severely mistreated by his father, Michael Jones, and his stepmother, Heather Jones.

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“My daddy keeps hitting me in the head and punches me in the stomach and my mom keeps pulling on my ears and it really hurts,” Adrian said in the interview. “Mommy and Daddy lock me in my room by myself. Mommy and Daddy can’t feed me.”

Adrian also provided a horrifying detail about the extent of the abuse, telling the Children’s division that his father kicked him in the back of the head so hard that “a little bone come out.”

Still,  despite what the records reportedly said was a “preponderance of evidence” that Adrian was neglected, he was permitted to remain in the home where he had been since child services removed him and his six sisters from their mother’s care the year before.

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The records additionally show that the Children’s Division did not see any physical evidence of the abuse at at the time, and determined that the parents should be given what the Kansas City Star described as “intensive in-home services.”

But soon after, the family stopped cooperating, and moved over the state line to Kansas.

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The Kansas City Star has been attempting for two years to obtain Adrian’s records from the Kansas City Department of Family and Child Services, unsuccessfully so far.

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On Monday, Michael Jones was sentenced as part of a plea deal to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 25 years, the same sentence that was previously given to his wife Heather Jones.

As Crime Online previously reported, Adrian Jones had been tortured, starved and abused in a horrific fashion during the months before he eventually starved to death while he was forced to remain, naked, in a shower stall at home. Heather Jones documented much of the abuse in photos and videos, while multiple surveillance cameras throughout the home captured the abuse and neglect.

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The latest report shows that the abuse went on for even longer than was previously believed.

According to the Kansas City Star,  a spokesperson for the Missouri Department of Social Services did not respond to questions.

Photo: Family photo/Adrian Jones in 2012