Podcast: Armed teen caught with ‘hit list,’ North Carolina school massacre foiled

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A tip from Canadian investigators helped North Carolina deputies prevent what they fear could have been a bloody massacre at a high school Tuesday. An officer found several big knives, firecrackers, a bottle of flammable liquid and a “hit list” inside the backpack of a student just minutes before they believe he planned to launch a stabbing rampage inside Forest Hills High School in Union County, North Carolina.

The student, who has not been named since he is under 16, posted threats in an online chat forum that were noticed by Canadian law enforcement, investigators said.

Psychologist Caryn Stark said on this episode of “Crime Stories with Nancy Grace” that there must have been warning signs “leaking” about the boy’s problems, although the Union County sheriff said he had not been in trouble before.

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Nancy Grace talks to Dr. Stark about how parents should handle such problems and with Charlotte Observer newspaper reporter, Joe Marusak, about the thwarted massacre in this episode.

[Feature Photo: Union County Sheriff’s Office]