Police: Parents throw party for underage party goers, dad has sexual contact with 16-yr-old

Parenting at its finest!

A former Michigan assistant high school football coach and his family were arrested after reportedly throwing an alcohol-filled party at their home and allowing underage students to drink.

The Record Eagle reports that Geoffrey Boylan, 39,  his wife Duanne Denise Boylan, 37, and their daughter Hannah Marie Boylan, 18, were all arrested after reportedly planning and hosting a party in their Williamsburg home, where numerous underage students participated in drinking. The family is accused of providing beer and mixed drinks to the students. Geoffery Boylan is also accused of having sexual contact with a 16-year-old girl. He denied throwing the party but admitted that the teen “performed oral sex” on him.

“I did not (have a party). There was a party at my house that my child had.”

Since the 16-year-old teen was at the legal age of consent for sexual relations in Michigan, Geoffrey Boylan won’t faces charges. However, Grand Traverse County Prosecutor Bob Cooney said that although the suspect face will not face criminal charges for sexual contact with the teen, it was still morally and ethically wrong.

“There’s a difference between something that’s morally or ethically wrong and something that violates the criminal law. Given the age difference between the two and the circumstances of this case, I certainly can’t condone what happened but at the same time, it did not violate criminal law.”

According to authorities, Hannah collected money from students at her school for the purpose of buying party supplies. She turned the collected money over to her parents, who then bought food and alcohol. The students allegedly drank, smoked marijuana, and played drinking games for hours while at the Boylan home, then spent the night.

Geoffery and Duanne Boylan were charged with furnishing alcohol to minors. Duanne faces an additional charge of allowing minors to consume alcohol while in her home. Hannah faces charges of both furnishing alcohol to minors and allowing them to drink in her home.

All three face misdemeanor charges that could land them in jail for 60 days. Geoffrey Boylan was let go as the assistant volunteer coach at Elk Rapids Schools.

[Feature Photo: Police Handout]