Woman kills father, blames it on ‘intruder’ in ritzy South Carolina neighborhood: Police

A South Carolina woman allegedly shot her father to death but told police he was killed by an intruder.

According to The Post and Courier, Robert Simpson, who lived in a wealthy section of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, was shot to death early Tuesday morning in his bedroom, while his wife and other family members were asleep in the home.

Brittany Simpson, 31, reportedly told her family and police that she had been at the gym early Tuesday morning, and had seen someone leaving the house through an open back door.

“Someone just came in the back door,” Brittany reportedly said during a 911 call placed by her sister. “Someone just came right in.”

Her mother, Susan, reportedly told police she saw her daughter walk through the front door shortly after the shooting. Susan had slept in the guest bedroom the night before, telling police that her husband snored and needed to get up early, while she had wanted to finish watching a television program.

Neighbors described Robert Simpson as an affable man with a good sense of humor who was looking forward to retirement from his film production career.

Brittany’s vague story about an intruder quickly came under suspicion by her family. The Post and Courier report indicates that Brittany seemed to know her father had been hurt before anyone in her family told her. Also, Brittany’s sister told police that her parents had given Brittany 24 hours to move out of the house.

A subsequent Post and Courier report found that Brittany’s mother had requested and was awarded a court-ordered eviction notice for her daughter.

During the investigation, police found Brittany’s clothes and a gun underwater in a creek near the home. She later confessed to killing her father.

She was arrested and charged with murder, but the motive for the crime remains unknown.


Photo: Cannon Detention Center