Police: Teen babysitter ‘disciplines’ toddler, causes brain damage

The toddler was knocked unconscious for wanting a piece of candy

A toddler girl is fighting for her life at a Sacramento, California, hospital after police say a teen babysitter slammed the child against the wall on Thursday afternoon.

Inside Edition reports that Gia Faye Lamar, 2, was put in bed for the night at her Brownsville home by her 16-year-old babysitter, but decided she wanted a piece of candy. She tried to sneak a piece of candy by a male babysitter, who reportedly became so infuriated that he picked her up and slammed her against a wall.

The impact was so severe that Gia fell unconscious to the floor. Yuba County first responders arrived at the home and found Gia still unresponsive. She was airlifted and flown to a Sacramento hospital where she underwent emergency brain surgery. Surgeons removed a portion of the little girl’s skull to reduce swelling.

When authorities questioned the teen, he admitted that at first, he tried to discipline her, but he became so frustrated that he ended up abusing her. When the attack happened, the teen was watching Gia and three of her older siblings, who all witnessed the ordeal.

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“My 5-year-old saw and said he was stricking (sic) her with a towel tryin to wake her up. It’s unexplainable how I feel but PLEASE be careful when u let watch ur children,” a poster wrote on behalf of Gia’s mother, Jessica Lamar.

Lamar said that she’d known the teen for numerous years, even letting him move into her home when his own family kicked him out. She said the teen had always been good with all of her children and she had no reason to believe he would ever harm them.

“I forgive him. I’m not going to hold a grudge against him. He’s a young boy. He made a mistake.”

For his “mistake,” the teen now faces charges of suspicion of felony child abuse. He also had an outstanding warrant out of Sacramento County.

Meanwhile, a friend started a GoFundMe fundraiser page for the family, hoping to help them with travel expenses incurred for Gia’s medical care.

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