Catch this maniac! Hit and run SUV driver smashes into FL teen caught on video


Police currently have two persons of interest in custody: Christopher Michael Try and Kevin Wilson. No further details are available yet.

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Authorities are are looking for a suspect caught on home surveillance footage crashing into a teen in a Florida residential neighborhood while driving erratically on Monday.

ABC WTFS reports that the incident happened along Moog Road in Holiday, when someone driving a gold 1998 Ford Expedition sped down the road, hit a parked vehicle and hit 14-year-old Johnny Walsh, who was on the sidewalk, riding his bicycle.

These are the videos from the hit and run today. Will you please share them, especially locally, in hopes that this…

Posted by Jacki Kenney Lilly on Monday, May 15, 2017

“I seen a dude swerve out and I was like what’s going on?” said Walsh. “I got a bruise right here. I got this scratch. I got knots on my hand and this elbow. And then my hip, I got a big knot on it.”

Although the truck plowed into Walsh and sent him flying off of his bike, he walked away from the accident with no broken bones or any other major injuries. He’s still healing from his scrapes and a knot on his hip, and he now needs a new bicycle.

Florida Highway Patrol obtained the truck’s license plate from a witness who followed the driver close enough to write down the number. However, when they called the Ford’s owner, they learned that it had been stolen.

The witness described the driver as a white male in his 20’s, with light brown or blonde hair. The suspect may still be driving the stolen Expedition. Anyone with any information is urged to call the Florida State Patrol at *FHP or 813-631-4020 or to call or Crime Stoppers.

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