Doctor fights prosecutor’s demand for DNA in wife April Kauffman murder probe

April Kauffman’s husband has never been named a suspect in the New Jersey talk show host’s 2012 murder, but a prosecutor is now asking a judge to order Dr. James Kauffman to give a DNA sample. The husband’s lawyer is fighting the demand, but a judge will soon decide if he’ll have to give DNA.

A handy man found April Kauffman’s body on her bedroom floor in their Linwood, New Jersey, home on May 10, 2012. The 46-year-old woman had been shot several times and suffered a deep cut on her arm, according to investigators. Her husband, an endocrinologist, was at work when 911 was called, but he rushed home after he was called by police.

Although police determined early in the probe that it was not a random killing, their expectations of making a fast arrest never happened. The investigation grew cold until a new prosecutor, sworn into office on March 15, began looking at old unsolved murder case files. He almost immediately filed a demand that Dr. Kauffman submit his DNA for use in the probe.

Dr. Kauffman has been locked in a bitter legal battle with his dead wife’s daughter, who believes her step-father is the killer. Kimberly Pack filed a wrongful death civil lawsuit against him in 2014 and the case is still in court. At stake is $600,000 due on two life insurance policies.

Pack’s grief over the loss of her mother was increased when Dr. Kauffman auctioned off her mother’s personal belongings, including family heirlooms.

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