BOLO: Parents who gave baby brain injury, broke 25 bones on the loose after ditching trial

The parents were not in custody while on trial for child abuse

An Ohio man and woman were found guilty in absentia of permitting child abuse and child endangerment after they failed to appear to in court during their trial, and remain on the loose.

According to news station WCMH, Kayla Ann Fannon, 26, and Samuel A. Thompson, 31, of Nelsonville, were convicted early this month after they ditched their trial midway through. The news station reports that Kayla took the stand on her behalf during the early days of the trial, which began on May 8.

Fannon and Thompson had previously lost custody of their baby girl after the child was hospitalized in 2014  over 25 broken bones, including multiple skull fractures, and was found to have a significant brain injury.

The little girl’s condition has reportedly improved considerably since then, and she has been adopted by her foster family.

Anyone with information regarding the couple’s wherabouts is urged to contact the Athens County Prosecutor’s Office at 740-592-3208 or central Ohio Crime Stoppers at 614-461-8477.

The prosecuting attorney reportedly said he was not satisfied with the couple’s conviction alone.

“Kayla Fannon and Samuel Thompson will not be fully held accountable for their actions until they are arrested and brought before the Court for sentencing,” Prosecutor Keller Blackburn said.


Photo: Athens County Police