Boy,12, accidentally kills girl with gun while streaming Facebook Live

A boy in Santa Rosa de Calchines, Argentina, was playing with a gun when he accidentally shot and killed a little girl while streaming Facebook Live. The incident occurred on Tuesday.

Sky News reports that the gun apparently belonged to his father. The boy found the gun inside his home and started pointing it at a young girl. He pulled the trigger several times but nothing happened.

“‘Look at this. A shell. I load it and I shoot you but you don’t die,” the boy joked at the beginning of the clip.

He pulled the trigger one last time and the sound of a gunshot rang in the air. Other children, apparently in the home as well, looked startled at first, then started screaming the little girl’s name. When the victim didn’t respond, the children screamed louder, in a panic. One child said that the victim’s parents were going to kill them, while the boy who pulled the trigger announced he was leaving. Local police said that the girl was shot in the face.

The girl, later identified as Georgina Magali Vega, died at the scene.  Authorities are investigating but they’re treating the shooting as accidental. According to local media outlets, the victim was the only daughter of local resident of Santa Rosa de Calchines.

[Feature Photo: YouTube]