‘You’re going to die tonight’: Video released shows final moments before adoptive dad allegedly killed son

-Kentae Williams, 10, was laid to rest on Thursday.
-The child’s adoptive father, Leon Williams Sr., is accused of beating him and drowning him in the bathtub.
-Witnesses heard the child’s father threaten him on the day he was killed.
-A shocking video captured Kentae’s last moments before his death.
-Kentae died in an apartment in Decatur, Georgia.
-Godmother: “I want justice for Kentae.”
-The father is behind bars, charged with Kentae’s murder.
-Three child protection services workers were fired after the boy’s death.
-Kentae was taken away from his mother at age 3 by Family and Children Services (DFACS).
-His mother unsuccessfully for years to bring him back home and get him out of “the system.”