Aaron Hernandez asked to share prison cell with fellow inmate he called his ‘heart’

A new report shows that Aaron Hernandez asked to be moved to a different part of the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Facility in Massachusetts where he was serving a life sentence, and asked to bunk with another inmate who he described as his “heart.”

The five letters, obtained by the Boston Globe and WCVB 5, Hernandez repeatedly asks to be moved to another part of the prison and to share a cell with other inmates, who he ranks by choice in one of the undated letters.

Hernandez reportedly opened one letter with a statement that he wanted to dispel some rumors that he had heard about himself.

“I am writing this letter so there is no confusions about me because I have been hearing things of being considered something which is false, so I wanted to clear all of that [sic],” Hernandez wrote.

The next line of the letter is reportedly redacted, though an exclamation point is still visible.

In two of the letters, Hernandez asks to be moved into a cell with inmate whose name is redacted, referring to him as his “heart,” and makes the same reference in another letter asking to be moved in with him.

“I even prefer to live with (name redacted); me and him are very close and have been since the streets and that’s FACT,” the letter reads.

“He’s my heart and like a real brother to me.”

In one letter, he also identifies a second roommate option if his first choice is not available.

It is not known of any of the inmates his letters refer to are Kyle Kennedy, a fellow inmate rumored to have been in a romantic relationship with him, a claim both Hernandez’s attorney and his fiancee have disputed. Kennedy’s own attorney has not denied the rumor, and gave a press conference last month indicating the two were very close, and claiming that Hernandez had requested to share a cell with Kennedy, and promised him a designer watch.

The specific resolutions to the cellmate requests are not yet known, though Hernandez was in a single cell when he was found dead by hanging on April 19.


Photo: Associated Press