Elderly woman found with part of her chin bitten off and human bite marks all over; caregiver arrested

An elderly woman in Arkansas who was found with human bites marks all over her died on Thursday, and police say the woman hired to care for her is possibly responsible for her murder.

ABC 7 reports that the victim was found on the floor of her Cherokee Village home by her son, unconscious and with from human bite marks all over her body. Police records indicate that a portion of chin was  bitten off.

“She had also been bitten on the face, hand, arm, leg, and the nipple of the victim’s left breast had been bitten off.”

The son immediately called authorities. When they arrived, they noted he had no blood on his mouth or any other evidence that implicated him. The son told police that he had recently hired Jennifer Collins, 55, to take care of his mother. When police questioned Collins, they noticed that she smelled of alcohol and had blood on her mouth.

Police took Collins and the victim to White River Emergency Center. While Collins remained at the hospital, the police obtained clearance to get a blood sample from her. The sample was sent off to the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory, but in the meantime, Collins was arrested on suspicion of “aggravated assault and abuse of an endangered or impaired person.”

The victim passed away on May 18. Prosecuting attorney Henry Boyce said that an autopsy is underway, but as the investigation continues to unfold evidence, the state will likely charge Collins with her murder.

“It is a horrific and tragic case.”

The name of the victim is unknown at this time. Check back with Crime Online as additional details become available.

[Feature Photo: Sharp County Jail]