Colorado man found covered in blood butchered his 4-year-old nephew to death: Police

Colorado police have released the arrest affidavit of a Broomfield man accused of killing his four-year-old nephew with an ax, over the objections of both the prosecuting and defense attorneys for the suspect’s upcoming trial.

According to the Denver Post, multiple Denver-area media outlets had successfully petitioned for the release of the affidavit, which contains gruesome details about the senseless death of the innocent little boy.

Emanuel Joseph Doll, 25, was arrested last month on charges that he killed his four-year-old nephew. In late April, the little boy was found dead in a basement of a home where multiple family members were at the time. Some family members reported hearing a noise that sounded like “a pillowcase loaded with items hitting the floor” coming from the basement of the home, where Doll was with his nephew.

When Doll was questioned about the loud noise and what was going on, he reportedly said “nothing” and walked back upstairs. The little boy was found dead in the basement.

According to the affidavit obtained by the Denver Post, Doll was in the backyard covered in blood when police arrived to the scene and arrested him. The boy reportedly died of a “massive amount of trauma.”

Chief trial deputy Trevor Moritzky told the newspaper that prosecutors were concerned about the impact the arrest affidavit details would have on the family and on potential witnesses.

“They don’t want to see that in the news,” Moritzky said. “They don’t want to be confronted by outside people, which has already happened.”

Police had been called to the home where the alleged murder took place more than a dozen times since March 2016.

A motive for the alleged murder is not yet known. Doll is being held without bail, and is due in court for a preliminary hearing in July.


Photo: Broomfield Police Department