Does “13 Reasons” Netflix series glorify teen suicide? EXCLUSIVE: Expert weighs in on Netflix new suicide show

A Florida mother blames the Netflix series 13 Reasons for triggering suicidal thoughts in her teen son’s mind, leading to his need for psychiatric care.

The mother criticizes a teacher for suggesting that students should watch the series without also telling the parents. The school claims students brought up the topic and it was not part of the planned class.

“All of the parents should have been alerted,” Nancy Grace said in this “Crime Stories” episode. “The students should not have been encouraged to watch the show, if that is what happened.”

Psychologist Caryn Stark, who has watched the show, believes that despite good intentions it “glorifies suicide” without showing “the sadness, the anger, all the repercussions of suicide.”

“It makes it look like this unpopular girl suddenly became popular and people thought of her in a new way after she killed herself,” Stark said.

“Parents must watch for warning signs in their children by talking to them. The indications include any talk about dying, a change in personality or a change in sleeping and eating habits.”

“Teenagers are particularly susceptible to the idea of suicide since they don’t really have an idea of what death is, any kind of a reality surrounding that.”

Grace urges anyone with suicidal thoughts to call the National Suicide Prevention Line at 1-800-273-8255.

“They keep you on the line and talk you through it, until you get past that horrible moment.”

[Feature Photo: AP/Eric Charbonneau/Invision for Netflix]