Thirsty 5-year-old child forced to drink toilet water, mouthwash until he was drunk: Report

A father of a 5-year-old boy in New Mexico and his girlfriend are behind bars after the child reportedly told police he was so thirsty that he drank toilet water and mouthwash.

According to the New York Post, the boy was hospitalized after he became intoxicated with a blood-alcohol content of three times the legal limit for adults.

While at the hospital, doctors noticed dozens of bruises and injuries all over the little boy’s body. Police interview the boy and his two young siblings, who all indicated that abuse was taking place in their Albuquerque home.

The 5-year-old reportedly told that when no other options were provided, he drank toilet water and mouthwash, which police believe caused him to become intoxicated.

According to news station KOB4, Tyriese Howard and Breya Allen, his live-in girlfriend, have been arrested and charged with multiple counts of child abuse against at least two of the three children.

A neighbor told the news station that she never heard or saw any signs of abuse — and wondered how she missed them.

“I feel bad like I feel like I should have heard something,” the neighbor said. “I mean there’s a lot of music, maybe that’s it. But it’s not like I’m completely oblivious. I thought I would have heard something.”

The children are currently in state custody, and the suspects, who have no criminal history, were held on a $50,000 cash or surety bond. It is unclear based on local news reports whether they are still in custody as of Monday.


Photo: KRQE Screenshot